Kiln Dried Logs Information

Our firewood is produced from quality timber, cut and split into suitable lengths for open fires, wood burning stoves and log boilers. Most wood burning stoves will underperform unless you use good quality dry logs.

In order to get the best from your logs, they need to be as dry as possible prior to burning. We would therefore suggest you keep your firewood under cover in a dry airy environment. It is beneficial if your logs were to be brought indoors, ready for use, a few days before burning.

This non-fossil fuel is helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Unlike fossil fuel, wood is a renewable form of energy.

"For the past seven years Welsh Logs has kept us supplied with superior quality kiln dried logs for our wood burning stoves. John provides an unfailingly reliable and helpful service; always willing and cheerful. We are grateful to him (and Nicola) for keeping our home fires burning throughout the harshest of winters."

Jill & Alan Collis., Cynwyl Elfed